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At Excelsior Group,thanks to our own complete fabrication of the elevators, we try to design continually more secure and more comfortable passenger elevators .

We rely on a Technical and Comercial Sales department  specially trained in this specific field, therefore assuring optimum knowledge and consultation.

Within the field of high traffic elevators,Exelsior group depends on very high quality finishes and technology, meeting todays market demands.


Grupo Excelsior through our complete manufacturing elevator, we design passenger elevators are safe and comfortable. We have a Technical and Commercial department specially trained in this specific field ensuring optimum advice and knowledge.

In the field of high-traffic elevators, Excelsior Group offers high quality finishes / technology as well market needs.

• Designed for new buildings with high-traffic, offices and public buildings.

• The electric lifts are designed with automatic doors and cockpit landing (optional glass and / or stainless steel doors).

• It is desirable for its low noise, energy saving, soft starts and stops, without machine room (MRL), automatic rescue and respect for the environment.

• Gearless Machine type located on top of the shaft and differential system of 2:1.

• A maximum of 26 people (2000 kg).

• Maximum distance of 36 meters.

• Maximum speed of 1 m / sec. or 1.60 m / sec., with provision of a one or two car entrance 180º.

• Elevator designed and manufactures under 95/16/CE Certificate.


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