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Installation of a vertical platform elevator for persons with reduced mobility.

Here, in one of the City´s most famous Hamburger  places ,  in order  to spare a seven step staircase , which impeded access for  persons  with  reduced  mobility, we required a vertical hydraulic platform.

A success, thanks to it´s low noise and easy installation system. The unit was installed, and put at work in a record two day period , reflecting our  technicians skills and quick response.

This unit is controlled by key, for use exclusively by the staff , thereby assuring it´s adequate use.

Also, Installation of a 2 stop elevator , 225 kg. load, for 3 persons

This installation required double access , at 90º  in order to improve mobility into the restaurant and also the store.The cabin finish is an imitation wood formica,combining perfectly with the rest of the store décor..Controls are automatic ,and thanks to the reduced pit requirement the installation was realized with barely any civil works.

Equipped with a  hydraulic control cabinet situated at the lower level , which substitutes a machine room,reducing occupied space for further use.

These units are recognized by there low noise level,making them perfect for these  types  of  projects  and  installations. 


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