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A unique vertical goods transport system with defined stopping levels, suitable for a wide variety of applications in industry (maintenance, storage, etc.)

Various different types and options are available depending on the loads to be lifted, the available space required and available access to the same. In addition to other more specific applications the lifts can also be used for different tasks such as for: distributed or occasional loads, the use of barrows, user type and traffic volume.

The hydraulic traction system avoids a resistant structure having to be built to house the lift as the reaction of the load itself and its own weight bear down on the building's foundations. The hydraulic equipment does not have to be positioned anywhere specific relative to  the lift and allows the available space to be used to the greatest advantage.

Access to the platforms will be via mechanically or electronically embedded doors which do not allow access to the shaft when the platform is not on the level.

The control panel will be positioned so that it is impossible to gain access from within the lift.

The lifts in question comply with the European Safety Directive on machines and are not suitable for use by people. 

The application field is very wide, ranging from 100 to 5000Kg and depending on the use-dimensions and load requirements are installed with one or two impulsion columns.

-  One PH impulsion column. (150 Kg to 2000 Kg; Minimum 200 Kg/m²)

  •        Distance Covered: To 12 (2:1), possible to 24 metres (4:1 cable suspension)
  •        Speed: 0.1 m/s ( 0.2 m/s optional)

-  Two PH impulsion columns. (1000 Kg; Minimum 200 Kg/m². Please enquire for greater loads)

  •        Distance Covered: Up to 12 metres ( 2:1) Possible up to 24 metres for loads up to 3000 Kg (4:1 cable suspension)
  •        Speed: 0.1 m/s ( 0.2 m/s optional) 



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