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We manufacture and install our own metal supporting structure for the elevator, designed by our engineering department. 

We count on the cutting edge technology in the design and manufacture of structures for the installation of elevators in buildings that lack them. We use latest generation numerical control machinery and laser cutting machinery. The structures we manufacture are pillars in structural pipe of steel S-275, in various diameters and thicknesses, depending on the installation requirements. The structures are assembled with high-resistance fasteners, complying with the specific regulation for structural solutions specified in the Código Técnico de la Edificación, following rules DB-CTE-SI/DB-CTE-SEA/DB-CTE-SE.

In addition, in case of solutions with integral demolition of the stairway, we also design and manufacture:

  • The supporting structure of the new stairway
  • Access walkways
  • Landing platform 


All this is made out of S-235 folded steel plate, with a similar locking system of metal angles to the ones in our elevators structures, designed to the same standards of quality as our products.

All our structures are self-supporting, either for holding elevators and new stairways structures. Their design avoids any kind of vibration or extra load on buildings. Our technicians (architects and engineers) monitor and control the structures, being responsible of their design, manufacture and installation in order to ensure the higher standards of resistance and quality.

Finishes: The finishes of the closing systems of structures and stairways areas (landings) that protrude from the building façade can be in any kind of material: glass, bare or plastered brick, monolayer, sandwich panel, extruded ceramic, etc.


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