Motivated by International growth, Excelsior Elevators has announced a redesign of its corporate website         

The webs new version is created with the objective of facilitating the user’s navigation .The new update offers more relevant and concrete information in each of the countries where the Company is actually located.     

The introduction on its new start screen provides different contact possibilities, permitting to choose between direct contact with its offices or with official distributors. The page also is represented in three main languages for each of the offices it counts on.


-       Spain Central Office, Madrid

-       África / Guinea Ecuatorial

-       South America /Columbia


This design continues separating the contents in seven prime sections.


-       Accesibility

-       Buildings without elevators

-       Elevators and platforms

-       Corporate information

-       Services

-       News

-       Contacts


Likewise it still maintains the section on “Latest Installations” realized by Excelsior elevators, supporting its100% fabrication  logo, which permits clients & users to be informed of the more relevant projects in every moment.

From the Marketing department at Excelsior Group, it’s confirmed, the new Homepage is undergoing changes in careful detailing and usability. Their intention rests on demonstrating a fast, clear and concise market presence enabling this highly competitive company to continue meeting  the elevator industries demands here and abroad.

The graphic and marketing agency Ticket Studio has realized the development of  Excelsior’s  website.


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