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The department of modernization is in charge of  the following tasks:

• Modernization of installations in all types of elevations, persons or loads
• Conformity to codes and regulations
• Complete removal and replacement of elevators
• Adequacy to improvement
• Commintment to ecological innovation and implementation
• Specializing in historical preservation and refurbishment of landmark buildings
• Adaptation to disability and reduced mobility

Our modernization team is composed of a highly trained personnel, possessing up to date knowledge in
all facets of the elevator and lift industry. Our specialized staff eliminates the need to outsource, enabeling us with complete supervision of every job, thus assuming 100% responsibility while delivering 100% costumer satisfaction.

  • Technical asístanse
  • Architectural supervision
  • Engineering
  • Management of projects
  • Final inspection certification
  • Structural assembly
  • Elevator assembly
  • Masonry
  • Carpentry
  • Painting
  • Electricity
  • Advice for subsidies

Working procedures

1. Once you contact Grupo Excelsior requesting our services, a meticulous process will unfold.

2. A supervisor, always accompanied by an owner representative, creates a report according to your specific needs and requests. Such a report will clarify any potential doubts  that the client might have. The supervisor will then assist you with the best solutions for your job.

3. These reports are turned into budgets, showing all the required work. They will be adjusted to your needs with an exceptional quality-price ratio. We offer personalized financing systems, manufacturing planning and execution of civil work.

4. Once this process is completed, we adjust the start and the completion of the work dates. At this point we will dispatch  personnel to measure and organize the work.

5. Since we are manufactures, we are able to guarantee every element we install, as well as meeting all of our deadlines, key-hand and execution. In case of any unexpected occurrence, we can immediately react and rectify the problem.


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